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If that doesn' t fix it there could be a number of other possibilities. Cleaning the throttle body won' t hurt. Error Code P1582 is defined as Idle Adaptation at Limit. This error code is a manufacturer- specific trouble code. So it had a code P1580 which relates to the throttle body. But since I don' t have manufacturer specific hardware to scan with, I couldn' t get more specific info. The first code is a numerical code assigned by the factory. The second code is referred to as a P- code and follows a structure required by law and defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE). Gary simple test for the MAF is unplug it again. If it runs better then replace the MAF. You can tell if you are getting an overboost or going into Limp mode because the power will return instantly when you cycle the ignition. · VW Jetta or Mk4 Volkswagen Golf Save yourself an 800. 00 repair at the dealership Know What is P1582?

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    It' s a code, triggered by the cars computer. Jaguar XType with 3. This code is pointing to an issue with the electronic throttle. P1582 JAGUAR - Electronic Throttle Monitor Data Available. This error code is a manufacturer- specific trouble code, meaning it does not apply to all vehicles makes. P1582- This code is triggered by the ECU trying to push the motor to let more air into the engine. When it has reached the maximum amount of push it can deliver, the ECU turns on the check engine light to indicate that the idle adaptation is at its limit. It' s a code, triggered by the cars computer ( ECU) that turns on the check engine light ( CEL). It means " idle adaptation at limit". Possible Causes and Repair Information for P1296 Volkswagen code. Learn what does P1296 Volkswagen means? P1296 Volkswagen Engine Cooling System Malfunction. The code we get from our reader is P0455, aka evap.

    emission control. At times, the light has stayed off for weeks after a reset, which seems odd because either there is a leak or there isn' t, I would think. Code P1562 opinion poll! VW MKIV- A4 TDIs ( VE and PD) Here is a record of my trouble shooting. 10K on 5 micron filter, pump and injectors. Check Solution For P1582 OBD Code : P1582 engine code seems a kind of powertrain problem, we try to show one by one the meaning and the solution. Brief explanation of the P1582 code and definition of P1582 is the bottom side. i have the same code i search on the internet and i found that is the MAF sensor ( mass air flow sensor) clean it or replace it it cost about 100 Answer. In neither the speedometer or odometer. · what is fault codes P1582 what is obd fault codes p1582 - Volkswagen Cabrio question.

    volkswagen error codes volkswagen fault codes. I have a 1996 Golf GL and it will not pass the Emissions test my emission report spit out a P1582 Code. How do i Clean the throttle body? And where is it located, what does it look like? what will this cost me? what the hell is a TPS? is it a Throttle position sensor? The check engine light can come on for about 6, 000 different reasons. The most common reason is forgetting to put the fuel cap back on, which makes it impossible for the evaporative control system to work properly, and causes the check engine light ( CEL) to come on. Repair Information for P1582 Jaguar code. Learn what does P1582 Jaguar Electronic Throttle Monitor Data Available means?

    · Could anyone explain what the above code means please? The code reader says " P1582 electronic throttle monitor" but my local garage couldn' t explain what it meant. My vw jetta 98 turns but wont start and also read the obd code pand 1580 P1582- Idle Adaptation At Limit 0103- I believe is a MAF code and that is your air sensing system. could be not getting enough air. this one is not on the list. It may be necessary to remove and clean the Throttle Body and perform a Throttle Body Alignment ( TBA) When this fault is stored in the early VW models with the 2. 8L VR6 ( AAA) and the 2. The best way to quickly find the code you are looking for is to press ctrl+ F on you keyboard and type the code you have in to find it on this page. VAG Engine Management Fault Code Identification 4 Digit Code. My car will not start at all.

    drove fine to get home then 30 minutes later went to leave again and car will not start used a code reader and came back with a p1582 code. Is your engine light on? Have you gotten a diagnosis troubleshooting code of P1582? Find out what this code means and what techs say to do about it. 17990/ P1582/ Idle Adaptation. When this fault is stored in the early VW models with the 2. Fault Codes; Categories. The check engine code is P1582 which is a low idle speed code. What are the possible options for the potential problem? - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic.