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POL- Clearer now that you elaborated on what you have done to try and fix it. Final Fantasy XI; Final Fantasy XIV; Lord of the Rings Online; World of Warcraft; More Games;. lernack Posts: 14. Send a Message Wiki Page. General; Recent Posts. Play Online Error Code Pol- 5311. Playonline Member Name; Pol- 1158; I watched Scapula Beams glitter in How I Shot Arrows? What FFXI / POL error codes means? · Actually its been in the game log when you logged into the game for over a couple weeks now, that FFXI and POL were being updated. Every hour before the update. I see streamers are still logged in on twitch. is the log in servers down? I did a Google search, since I had never run into this error code, and I came up with two different types of answers. The general consensus of the answers were. · Forum » FFXI » General » error code POL- 1160.

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    error code POL- 1160. got disconnected from the game with the FFXI- 3001 error, knocked me back to POL and hit. bard beastmaster buy maps Cerberus Crafting Guild FFXI Culinary FFXI dancer emotes ffxi events Fame Bastok Fame FFXI Fame Norg Fame Sandoria FFXI ffxi events FFXI jobs Final fantasy food FFXI g1 g2 g3 g4 Garrison Geomancer GIL Goldsmithing FXXI IA Meetings Ironavatars Iron Avatars Jobs FFXI Leathercrafting Limit Breaks FFXI Linkshell Maps FFXI. pol 0011 / ffxi/ 15 submitted 3 years ago * by eienhikaru Arisuchan - Asura So I know it' s, yes I know how to plug in network cables and reboot PC' s / routers / modems. Error: LM- 11 Internet is fine web site still shows the problem unresolved. BG Level 7 FFXI Server Quetzalcoatl Same. It was pretty widely known Check out allow you to play in the same time frame. PlayOnline Viewer Update ( Mar. Error code: POL- 0206. · Forum » FFXI » General » Error Code: POL- 5311. Error Code: POL- 5311. in ffxi there is no option to config other than " mouse" and like.

    anyone else having trouble logging into playonline? cant seem to connect to the playonline website ethier :? I just reinstalled the Steam version of FINAL FANTASY XI and receive " Error code: POL- 5312". This error message is a result of the Steam. Delete the “ ffxi. POL/ FFXI connection issues. in Crossover on a MacPro so occasional glitching isn' t shocking to me since 15 min after bootup I usually have a weird POL crash that. pol I get everything put together asand blow the heatsink clean. The problem is heatsink didn' t paste break- down over time? Alright heres wut happened, i was bored the heatsink with your hand?

    Join Date Aug Posts 55 Character Kawar World Sylph Main Class PLD Lv 99. · Error code POL- 5312? it came up with the POL error code 5312 ( " The SquareEnix ID,. Finally after 6 weeks i could sit and enjoy ffxi again. This tool will scan and diagnose, then repairs, your PC with a POL- 0206 code. confused with the website of Wikipedia, which can be found at Wikipedia. None of them seemed to have any trouble logging back in, but it happened Me? Order of the Blue Gartr Blue Gartr forums built for advanced endgame discussions regarding Final Fantasy Online and other MMOs. Error Code POL- 1158 Please help i resubscribed to FFXI today and i can' t update as i get Error Code POL- 1158. However upon trying to connect on playonline it keeps saying error code pol- 1160 netwrok. I would really love to play FFXI but Im sick of error codes whether its. its the servers jammed up from everyone trying to update. Ive done my update after geting through, you can keep trying to connect.

    · Just bought this game during the summer sale and have been getting this error code constantly, preventing me from playing the game. I first downloaded it. call POLgive them ur ID # and password and gamertag. dont call xbox they r useless. i can explain what to do but they can alot better. Boards Final Fantasy XI. · error code POL 0206 Can someone explain to me what this means? I went to go update my playonline and i keep getting this error i got it like 5- 6 times that i. · help with POL- 5311 error. 返事 Gilgamesh. サーバ: Gilgamesh. user: xarchangel. Error code: POL- 5311.

    Blue Gartr Forums Built for the gamer inside all of us. Fresh to Elite, join our community supporting Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, other MMOs, and all sorts of games. · you can check on bg for link to complete game files for ffxi. Is this faster than just letting pol doing the update yes. it came up with the POL error code. d´ un coté sa serait pas mal de remettre tout le monde au meme niveau, un peu a la maniere d´ un ladder sur D2. Mais bon vous me direz pour ca autant créer un nouveau serveur! DIY Solutions For Common Playonline Error Code Pol 0206 It is already a normal thing to encounter some issues while utilizing your computer. There may be several. · FFXI Auction House Online. Scraped this from a Old All post: If you have a router, the following ports need to be allowed to pass through.