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We have 2 HSM, both linked to our production server. I can call them also from a test server. So, I just tried this: call the HSMs from the test server and simulate a network down. PAM- PKCS# 11 is a PAM ( Pluggable Authentication Module) library and related tools to perform login into Linux/ UNIX systems by mean of X509 Certificates through any pkcs# 11 compliant library. 0: GNUTLS_ E_ SUCCESS: Success. - 3: GNUTLS_ E_ UNKNOWN_ COMPRESSION_ ALGORITHM: Could not negotiate a supported compression method. - 6: GNUTLS_ E_ UNKNOWN_ CIPHER_ TYPE. You should list all available slots ( C_ GetSlotList), and then open a session for every found slot and serach for all certificates in all slots. When all certificates have been collected check them against the rules set up by your application and the context. 1 / * 2 * GnuTLS PKCS# 11 support: 3 * Copyright ( CFree Software Foundation, Inc.

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    4 * Copyright ( C), Joe Orton co. This PKCS# 11 device ( eToken) works fine with a mail client ( outlook), so, I' m sure that it really got a private key + certificate inside, but when I try to get the aliases list from Java API it returns an empty list, I don' t know why : S The same happens if I use keytool to list the device contents. This is the list PKCS# 11 mechanisms that this provider instance should use, provided that they are supported by both the Sun PKCS# 11 provider and PKCS# 11 token. All other mechanisms will be ignored. Each entry in the list is the name of a PKCS# 11 mechanism. OpenSC PKCS# 11 is named " opensc- pkcs11. dll" and it is put to system32. But you need to make sure that your smart card is supported by OpenSC. As a general rule: you need to use the PKCS# 11 provider that comes with your card ( usually closed source) or supports your card ( like OpenSC). jar Files with the CLI ( Command Line Interface) Command Jarsigner. Use this instruction if you have a DigiCert® Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate. This document describes the basic PKCS# 11 token interface and token behavior. The PKCS# 11 standard specifies an application programming interface ( API), called “ Cryptoki, ” for devices that hold cryptographic information and perform cryptographic functions. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users. Report inappropriate content using these instructions.

    Sample code from an article that introduces the specifics of the PKCS # 11 implementation to IBM cryptographic hardware ( openCryptoki) that is available in open source form here on developerWorks. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/ or other materials provided with the distribution. C_ DigestKey continues a multi- part message- digesting operation, by digesting the value of a secret key as part of the data already digested. I try to sign a document using Acrobate Reader Vs XI on a MAC system. Through Adobe " Preferences" I have adjusted the links already as instructed but end. This tool will scan and diagnose, then repairs, your PC with patent pending technology that fix your windows operating system registry structure. Done and done, The problem seems to be non existent in version 2 of your library, the null value is only returned in version 3, could be a problem with our pkcs11 dll. Mind first to select a slot Id in the list of the ' C_ GetSlotList' function to get a valid ' slotId' parameter. int gnutls_ pkcs11_ obj_ list_ import_ url3 ( gnutls_ pkcs11_ obj_ t * p_ list, unsigned int * const n_ list, const char * url, unsigned int flags) ; This function will initialize and set values to an object list by using all objects identified by a PKCS 11 URL. Gets general information about loaded PKCS# 11 library. Returns General information about loaded PKCS# 11 library. I have got a " PKCS# 11 dynamic library not found" issue when trying to make a signature with eSigner. public class Module extends java.

    Objects of this class represent a PKCS# 11 module. The application should create an instance by calling getInstance and passing the name of the PKCS# 11 module of the desired token; e. int gnutls_ pkcs11_ obj_ list_ import_ url ( gnutls_ pkcs11_ obj_ t * p_ list, unsigned int * const n_ list, const char * url, gnutls_ pkcs11_ obj_ attr_ t attrs, unsigned int flags) ; This function will initialize and set values to an object list by using all objects identified by a PKCS 11 URL. Please check your inbox to confirm your subscription. If you haven’ t previously confirmed a subscription to a Mozilla- related newsletter you may have to do so. This is the default implementation of the PKCS11 interface. IT connects to the pkcs11wrapper. dll file, which is the native part of this library. The strange and awkward looking initialization was chosen to avoid calling loadLibrary from a static initialization block, because this would complicate the use in applets. Note: Time stamping your Code is extremely important and is highly recommended for every piece of code that you sign. This timestamp will allow the file that you sign to remain valid long after the certificate itself has expired. SmartKey provides multiple interfaces to application developers. For C/ C+ + programmers, SmartKey provides a PKCS# 11 interface through a library.

    Can you issue smart cards for any other user? It looks like you are trying to self- service generate your own smart card. Is the enrollment policy in the profile template marked such that it allows self- service? On 7/ 29/ 10: 43 AM, William Roberts wrote: > Thanks Doug, no the part I was missing was that the card signs the csr. I now notice that general AUTH can also be used to encrypt data. If the token cannot do CKM_ RSA_ PKCS_ GEN_ KEYPAIR, NSS uses its software key generation code and writes the private and public keys into the token using C_ CreateObject. The RSA private key will contain all the attributes specified by PKCS # 11 version 2. In, RSA contributed the latest draft revision of the standard ( PKCS# 11 2. 30) to OASIS to continue the work on the standard within the newly created OASIS PKCS11 Technical Committee. The following list contains significant revision information:. 1 Description of this Document. This PKCS # 11 Cryptographic Token Interface Usage Guide Version 2.

    40 is intended to complement [ PKCS11- Base], [ PKCS11- Curr], [ PKCS11- Hist] and [ PKCS11- Prof] by providing guidance on how to implement the PKCS # 11 interface most effectively. The pkcs11_ softtoken. so module is a PKCS # 11 Soft Token implementation that is provided by Oracle Corporation to supply cryptographic mechanisms. The soft token plug- in is the default source of mechanisms. So if your pkcs11 library is implemented correctly then CKR_ DEVICE_ MEMORY means insufficient device ( HSM) memory literally. There are a lot of reasons of such bugs. We can’ t consider all branches. pam_ pkcs11 is a set of libraries and tools to controls the login process using a PKCS# 11 token. The Linux- PAM login module allows a X. 509 certificate based user login. The certificate and its dedicated private key are thereby accessed by means of an appropriate PKCS # 11 module. A comma and/ or space separated list of names of programs that this module should only be loaded in.